How quickly can I get my order?

During checkout you are presented with a shipping estimator which confirms several shipping options available for you. It also indicates the shipping time for each option.

How is my product shipped?

We use mailing boxes and any open space in the parcel will be filled with either bubble wrap or other suitable wadding. We also try to avoid oversized boxed as this just adds to the shipping cost.

What postal service is used to ship my item?

We use Royal Mail as they are reasonably prices and efficient.

How about shipping cost?

The shipping estimator will present you with the shipping options along with the cost. Shipping by Royal mail within the UK is very efficient. Shipping is based on both the size and weight of your order and NOT per item. This way you are assured of the most cost effective shipping cost.

Do you make profit from shipping?

No, we add a very small amount (currently 60p) to cover the cost of handling and packaging which is included in the shipping cost. Even with this included our shipping options remain reasonable.